1 — Getting Started

What you’ll need —

  1. GitHub account — where our blog will live.
    • Requires email
  2. Plot.ly account — where our visualisations will come from.
    • Sign up with your GitHub account
    • otherwise, requires email / social media account

Notes on GitHub

  • If you have a GitHub account already and have an Organization page (http://[username].github.io), the blog we make later won’t work. You will need to start a new GitHub account (which can be linked to the same email).
    • If your page is a project page — made by creating a ‘gh-pages’ fork of a repository, don’t worry, your current account should be fine.
  • If you didn’t understand the above, no worries! Web empowerment awaits. Just set up an account and all will be well.

Broad Structure

  1. Sign up to necessary accounts (up to ~10mins)
  2. Follow along with me in getting your first blog post up (up to ~60mins)
  3. Have a shot yourself (up to ~80mins)
  4. Future direction, alternatives, closing remarks (up to end)