2 ā€” Make a Plot (Getting Started with Plot.ly)

Intro to Plot.ly

  • Plot.ly is the tool we will use to make our interactive visualisations.
  • Use its web interface to
    • load data
    • select data for a plot
    • manipulate the look and feel of the plot

Below are headings and gifs that provide a tour of the plot.ly web interface

Tour of Plot.ly

You should be looking at me (Errol), but if you missed me or Iā€™m insufferable, the essentials are demonstrated below.

Start Plotting

New Spreadsheet

Paste Data (from Excel or Google Sheet etc)

  • ctrl + c and ctrl + v ā€¦

Save Data

  • Once saved, the spreadsheet can be retrieved later or easily shared.

Choose Plot type

Select Data (for the plot)

  • Plot.ly thinks in terms of columns. A variable or axis (x or y etc) is a column.

Make the Plot

Edit the Plot

  • There are a number of ways in which the plot can be manipulated. They are all located in the left side menu bar